Could freedom really be this simple? Poetry may be entertaining – the story, the rhyme – and the simplicity of the message is often overlooked. We often confuse experience with knowledge and say “oh, I know that!” and move on to the next tasty morsel of knowledge to file away…

“Again” – written and read through Walter

The captive cried and shook the bars
weeping for what was lost,
longing to see the open sky
no matter what the cost.

The captor said do not fret,
I can set you free!
But first you must come to know
it is you who holds the key.

You are me as I am you,
different aspects of one mind,
both longing for the same result:
to leave suffering behind.

This longing will never cease
outside the confines of this cell
for moving outward will perpetuate
what can feel like living hell.

Stop gazing out and gaze within,
this will be your start!
Silence speaks wordlessly
listen to your heart.

What is heard will not translate
into words to speak aloud,
fix your gaze and be consumed
to dissolve the airy shroud.

Free is not a place in space,
no location can be found,
the freedom that you’re looking for
is neither limited nor bound.

These words may sound confusing
so once more my refrain:
be plain, attentive, silent, still,
again, again, again…