Completely Inclusive

Henry David Thoreau stated “poetry is nothing but healthy speech.” Admittedly I love words and, even more, the arrangement of words to produce an effect. This effect has less to do with the outward reaction and more with absorption in the sub-liminal. The words chosen are not to exclude by way of complexity but to ‘shake up’ the mind. Those with an earnestness will delve deeper.

“Completely Inclusive” – written and read through Walter

The mainstream milieu has a supraliminal appeal
drawing one in with the mentality of a mob,
the throng becoming one body, melding minds,
seeking accord through discord,
employing the ouroboros effect,
feeding on its own frenetic energetic existence.

Occasionally an individual more subtly attuned
may alight on a thin liminal periphery
where the sense of self thins away,
stasis between seeking and avoiding
provides the stability of a holding pattern
and allows an investigation to flower.

This investigation may be subliminally solved,
the personal perpetrator will even assist
in dismantling the fantasy of its existence
when accepting its chimerical nature,
this sub-rosa celebration hosted by Grace
is rarefied yet remains completely inclusive!

2 thoughts on “Completely Inclusive

  1. The voice over and the poem complete each other in a “Completely Inclusive” way. xo, Sylvia.

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