Lost in Translation

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/pensive-grandmother-with-granddaughter-having-interesting-conversation-while-cooking-together-in-light-modern-kitchen-3768146/

This poem illustrates how the messages we send to one another are never perfectly translated. A thought conceived of and filtered through our experiences, sent to another using words that may have ambiguous or imprecise meaning is interpreted through their unique experiences, current emotional state etc.. Heartbreak, hilarity or hugs may ensue!

“Lost in Translation” – written and read through Walter

A subtle ripple, its essence is caught,
sprung from nowhere, up springs a thought.
What burgeons forth, birthed from beyond
is filtered through mind and concepts are donned.

A raising of eyebrows, a breath taken deep,
exhalation vibration, the process of speech.
Sounds are uttered, these vibrations move out,
a unique waveform, a whisper, a shout.

Particles of air collide and careen,
the vibrations filling the spaces between.
An instrument waits to perceive what is sent,
the vibrations picked up to understand what is meant.

Demodulation of sound begins on this side,
mind interprets through intellect applied.
The message decoded through this different mind,
its unique experiences give the meaning assigned.

Discord or agreement this message unfurled,
two different prisms see two different worlds.
Yet prior to thinking, prior to speech,
there is perfect accord: “THAT” which is common to each!