Nature’s Sweet Song

illustrator Walter Cecchini

I hope you enjoy hearing this poem… even some artwork to go with the pointing!

“Nature’s Sweet Song” – artwork created along with this poem through Walter

Nature’s sweet
yet elusive melody
is always here,
its invitation
rings true
in every ear

This silent song draws in
even mythic Sirens
and is never ignored
as all seek solace,
a worldly search and yet
the obvious unexplored

Discordant tones
produced by society
are always merely an audition
and pale beside the harmony
of nature’s magnum opus
seamless wholeness its rendition

The racing energy
of the human mind
may come to slow
with the listening
to silence where
most will fear to go

Should one be called
to bend their ear
to listen inward and down
they discover silence
contains all potential
for every possible sound

Listening again to worldly tumult
comes a perceptual shift
to hear the rests between sounds,
gaps growing ever larger
through which nature’s
sweet song abounds