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Everything I write is an attempt to point to what you are in your essence… So simple yet overlooked!

“Point” – written and read through Walter

Vast like the sky,
open like space,
accepting ALL that appears,
in no particular place.

it cannot be held,
containing all things
all come and go,
it’s futile to cling.

not round and not square
or black, red or white,
no way to define,
no length, width or height.

completely vulnerable,
impersonal being,
the background of all,
the One who is seeing.

you are THAT which knows THIS,
these words point the way,
relinquish all doubt,
at home now to stay.

6 thoughts on “Point

  1. i love this poem in its simplicity. The poem so easy to grasp the meaning I’m so through with the self and the emotional suffering. How does one look into awareness. I’m so interested today in the universal expression of love.

    1. Judy, the universal expression of love is possible due to the impersonal nature of Being. Many lamps, one light. Awareness shines and illumines as it’s very nature.

  2. Such beautiful words, so simple yet true confirming the gift of grace living in and from Absolute Essence, one with All and in All.

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