Sailing Unbound

“Sailing Unbound” – written and read through Walter

Am I the captain who plots a course?
Am I the crew that sails the ship?
Am I the vessel that moves about?
Or am I the passenger observing the trip?

Fear of unknown is to be anchored at shore,
the ship held fast to one position,
grace may deliver a tidal flood
and life provides the expedition

Swept away to uncharted waters,
a choice may appear to flounder or flow
and if the latter seems to be made,
no control is exerted on which way to go

Traveling and flowing in this way
with no resistance to waves that appear,
at peace with winds that blow to and fro,
the current guides but no one steers

The quarters are empty on this vessel,
no crew or captain can be found,
no baggage or cargo in the hold,
the passenger observes, sailing unbound.