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Enjoy this and consider that the suggestion here is to listen/read from the same space as the one who reads/wrote this. That one… is the same one. Note that I say here “your entire kingdom may feel at risk.” The message here is that nothing of value is at risk or could be lost in recognizing what you are in your essence.

“Figment” – Written and read through Walter

Continue reading at your discretion,
this message may be quite unsettling
and the more you feel you have control
the more it will exact a toll.

The price you’ll pay to understand
is to know your castle is built on sand
and in knowing this the sands will shift;
your entire kingdom may feel at risk.

This process requires you suspend belief
and goes beyond comfort and relief.
It exposes our mistaken identity
and reveals there is no substantive entity.

The simple process of revealing bliss
is to question who is observing all this.
Stay with that and ask yet again:
what is aware of all experience?

Being prior to senses and mind you will know
that a phantom figment steals the show.
This ghost shows up taking a bow
waiting in the wings of the here and the now.

Watch this imposter who steps in between
objects in the world and the one who sees.
Who is that one looking out from your eyes
in a timeless place of no shape or size?

This may sound like fiction or fantasy
and there is no requirement for you to believe.
If you’re drawn to discover in Truth what you are
you’ll discover this figment was never the star.

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