The Journey

The following could be considered ‘a practice’ however we may look at it as a ‘non-practice’. We remove all that we can and… what remains? Enjoy this poetic guidance.

There is no need to pack for this journey of ours,
no toothbrush, no luggage, no planes, trains or cars

Dropping the thought that this journey is far
we have no need to wait to arrive where we are

Our birthname forgotten and roles left behind
we remove all the traces of how we once were defined

Closing our eyes we leave our senses alone
set aside past and future and return to our home

The mind may complain and say that it’s bored
always wanting an outcome, it seeks a reward

Let mind say what it will, allow these protests,
pay no attention, soon it will rest

What remains can’t be measured, no shape, color or size
nothing to hear or to see with the eyes

What cannot be removed cannot be denied,
re-discovering our Self, in this we abide

Turning back to the world, we take our stand as the light
experience losing its power to alter our sight

9 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. A simple yet comprehensive “practice”. Thank you again, Walter ❤️

  2. Letting go, traveling, moving, re-entering, always there, no destination, remaining, there we are, here we are, with each other.
    Hey, have a wonderful day. Hope to see you soon.

      1. Heart emoji with a smile and a high five. Love this response, Walter. In gassho.

  3. When I read this beautiful poem it eased the separate self that tells me your not doing enough your still the separate self with thoughts and experiences that keep popping up. I sometimes feel shameful about my journey but I now know that’s the separate self talking. Patience is a virtue.

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