The ‘Win’

Here is a playful bit of poetry that illustrates a simple yet profound pointer! I recommend listening while you read along 🙂

The Win” – written and read through Walter

There is a food I so desire
I tried it once and it lit a fire
but the expense of this delicious treat
makes it not one I can afford to eat

I scrimp and save and once a year
I buy this morsel I hold so dear
a ritual I look forward to
and enjoy this pleasure through and through

I noticed an ad in the grocery aisle
a sign placed there that made me smile
a contest: win a lifetime supply
of this coveted dish, my hopes flew high!

Ballot after ballot I signed my name
dreaming of hearing it proclaimed
when the draw was held they would declare
that I had won this lion’s share

The day arrived, the draw was held
as I cradled my hand cramped and swelled
It was no surpise they drew my name
and shortly after this the first truck came

What a day, the cupboards were stocked
I had so much even I was shocked
boxes piled high in every room
another delivery scheduled soon

I sat down and just couldn’t wait
three complete helpings crossed my plate
the joy this food brought was beyond compare
as I drifted to sleep no worry or care

Day two was the same, the third came and went
only one box was emptied, barely a dent
On the fourth day I lay awake in my bed
something had changed, a feeling of dread

I awoke in the morning surrounded by food
somehow my perception of this win had been skewed
too much of a good thing it seemed had turned bad
as a knock on the door brought me out of my head

A local reporter stood there camera in hand
he explained that a feature story was planned
the six o’clock news would showcase my win
as the whole crew entered setting up to begin

The lights trained on me, live to the world
the interview began as my story unfurled
It was then the reported suggested we share
a helping of this most decadent fare

I opened a tin, the portions doled out,
but my stomach contracted and my mind filled with doubt
the single bite taken I could not even chew
I’ll spare you the details as out it all flew

Needless to say the company lawyers weighed in
and the contract was cancelled along with my win
I’ve given away all the boxes but one
which I keep for the lesson that was so hard won

The lesson is this, I hope you can hear
desire for things overshadows that which is clear
Enjoy things of this world but here is the win
nothing adds to the completeness you’ll find from within