Vibrational Speech

“Vibrational Speech” – written and read through Walter Cecchini

The erudite glowered, a flush in his cheeks,
his right eyebrow raised to a precipitous peak

I don’t understand these babblings from you
that all is connected, that there are not two

State your hypothesis, support it with evidence
enough of your claims, I need more than providence!

The sage sat radiant, a smile on her face
and nodded ever-so-slowly, no increase in pace

Oh learned professor, I see where we part
as the language I use is borne of the heart

The words you hold up to describe very Truth
only point a direction, they can never show proof

Then how do I learn this language of heart
if there are no words, where could I start!?

Let experience replace doubt and belief,
no other can lend it, you must be what you seek

Hear the wind in the trees, watch children at play,
observe the sunrise at dawn, let your mind melt away

The scholar sat down next to the sage
and felt the loosening grip of his intellectual cage

His eyebrow now lowered, all seeking had ceased,
wordless communion, inexplicable peace

As we sit here together, silence will teach
the language of heart, vibrational speech