Simple not easy

photography of leaves on ground
“Simple not easy” – written and read through Walter
I passed an old man whom folks call a sage 
a spring in his step despite his old age

Sir, can you tell me how to end all my strife?
Your lot is so hard yet you bubble with life!

Simple not easy the sage said with glee
examine the one you refer to as 'me!'
This 'I' that you use is a pointer you see!
Find out who that is and then you are free,
free from the scourge of identity,
you're not who you think, here lies the key!

Simple not easy the sage said again
nothing to gain to lose or to win,
turn 'round and look, look deep within!
A nod of his head, a mischievous grin,
he went on his way, straight into the wind
and I thought on this 'I', my head starting to spin.