Another Approach

photography of people having fun
“Another Approach” – written through and read by Walter
With surroundings quiet
and peace close at hand
and circumstances created
just as we planned,
we add soothing music
and aromatic scents,
becoming free from disturbing,
unending events.
It may feel that this
structure provides
a chance to sink deep,
to sink deep inside.

While this meticulous plan
may offer a break,
there is far more here,
far more at stake.
Far more than planned
spiritual naps,
life only punctuated
by scheduled gaps,
peace parceled out
on an ad hoc basis,
an occasional visit
to a fleeting oasis.

Another approach
exists to find peace
that remains independent
of thoughts or beliefs,
on postures or music
or location or dress
or on so-called transgressions
or the need to confess.
This approach is for those
who use the name "I",
no requirement for membership
and no need to apply.

Moving from comfort
into the unknown,
we accept, no resistance,
all that is shown.
All is allowed
and met in the present
without attaching a label
of good or unpleasant.
Regardless of environment
and what we once thought,
peace is ever-present,
not just when it's sought.

We make this our practice
until we forget.
Practice disappears,
an illusory step.
With attention to now,
this flow never halts
and naked awareness
becomes our default.
No more conditions,
recognized as just "this",
we come home to the Self...
existence, consciousness, bliss.