brown squirrel on gray tree trunk
“Teachers” – written and read through Walter
Walking in the forest 
we may take notice of teachers
who impart lessons
to anyone willing to listen.

Trees stand tall
and welcome the wind,
swaying, flexing, bending,
partners in a timeless dance,
a soundtrack of birdsong
and rushing water
and rustling leaves.
Trees, noble,
do not know
they are noble.

Rocks sit silently,
imperturbable, enduring,
seemingly immutable
yet mutable, yielding
to the gentle caress
of a mountain stream
smoothing and shaping.
Rocks, utterly still,
do not know
they are still.

Animals move about
not imagining or planning
where or how or when,
yet, life provides
and requires no desire.
Things are as they are.
Animals do not wish or hope
for this moment to be different.
Animals, surrendered,
do not know
they surrender.

Embracing these teachings
we stand, sit, move.

Noble, still, surrendered.

Not knowing.

2 thoughts on “Teachers

  1. Walter,
    By reading this beautiful poem, in it I find the conscious capacity of doing yet surrendering to manifestations occurring. How lovely to feel the vibrations through your poetry. Peace & love, Sylvia.

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