About Nothing

“About Nothing” – written and read through Walter
Let's talk about nothing,
sounds funny to say,
however this discourse
dissolves questions away

Away to where?
To nowhere of course,
in the absence of objects
we abide as pure source

How do we get there?
Drop every last thing,
what remains is nothing,
to nothing we cling

Removing attachments,
nothing to hold,
just be what you are
and observe life unfold

This unlocated location
in nowhere it hides,
infinite potential,
timeless, no size

The more that is said
takes us further away,
let's sit here in silence,
there's nothing to say.

2 thoughts on “About Nothing

  1. I find the experience of Nothing valuable when it contains fullness. But this isn’t a form, image, or idea. I is still an experience, but it is a formless experience of fullness by the field of fullness itself. So I see that although we usually identify as a person with likes and dislikes and problems, I think that you and I have discovered that we can instead identify with full awareness, even though full awareness is not a form, image, or concept. Thank you for this website and I wish you success in your projects to be of help to others.

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