Abundance First

“Abundance First” – written and read through Walter
With bills to pay and mouths to feed
there always seems to be a need

Comparing ourselves to the folks next door
will always drive us to acquire more

Buried deep within, the pain of lack
sends us into the world to bring more back

Any movement out, any distance away
increases our longing as we wander and stray

There is however another way
to fill the void that grows each day

A different angle, a perspective shift
and we start to sense the most valuable gift

Sinking deeper within and breaking the curse
we soon come to see that abundance comes first

In the heart of the self, pure potential distilled,
nothing to seek, all desires fulfilled

A clear understanding ends striving and strife
with all we require provided by life

2 thoughts on “Abundance First

  1. Love you Walter!
    I experience you with this loving spring fresh kind heart!
    You are right, we are either in Oness with the Father ONE; or we are part of the fallen world based on separation belief that leads to fear lack snd limitations!!!
    Where did we park our head?!?

    1. Thank-you Ana! For the benefit of some readers I translate “Father” to mean Awareness or Existence or Consciousness… All four are words that point to the same no-thing… pick your preference!

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