A Casual Grin

“A Casual Grin” – inspired by Charlie, written and read through Walter
We've all heard the tales
of scandalous rogues
who sailed on the seas
bound for adventure and gold

No sovereign held sway
over this motley crew
who followed no laws,
who today now are few

But there is one still among us
who I class as a thief,
yet he steals only concepts
and misguided beliefs

His disarming way,
with his casual grin
hint at unbridled freedom
of the pirate within

Wisdom that might
come only with age
he expresses so clearly
in word and on page

I admire Charlie's courage
to define his own lot
and point us all toward Truth
where X marks the spot!

The treasure he points at
is buried within,
yet I see it shine forth
in that casual grin.
Author: Walter
See "Who Am I? (About me)" for Walter's bio.

3 thoughts on “A Casual Grin

  1. Wow!!! So so much fun!
    This part within you , One aware, captures it all!
    Amazing… your expressions are amazing 🙏🙏🙏🥰

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