“Dream_I_ng” – written and read through Walter
Photo by Erin Profaci from Pexels

I had a dream that seemed so real,
it’s quite a story to tell

In short, I dreamt that I didn’t exist,
my body an empty shell!

I sensed a presence that seemed to glow
in the background of all I felt

It never spoke yet it was quite clear
that as it grew I would melt

I was terrified I would disappear,
an imposter take my place

But as time went on I felt more peace
with even a smile on my face

The last thing I remember before I awoke
was that I felt I could never die

It was then I remembered who I’ve always been
and that my real name was simply ‘I’

The lingering feeling I’m experiencing now
was that something of my dream was true

And I’m left with a puzzle I can’t figure out,
just who does this ‘I’ refer to?