A to B

“A to B” – written and read through Walter
Prepared for the journey I take up my pack, 
with map at the ready there's no turning back

I step out the door leaving A bound for B
and promptly get lost arriving at C

Consulting my map, a stream marks the way,
but I find a wild river swollen from rain

Unable to cross, I set out for D,
the map showing now a gnarled old tree

Instead of a tree I find an old man
who laughs at my efforts and the thought of a plan

He offers a clue to help guide my way,
to arrive safely at B before the end of the day

"Forget what you seek and journey unbound,
for what you are seeking can never be found!

What you call B is not a thing to behold,
more common than dirt more precious than gold!

Turn around and go back but not to a place,
arrive nowhere to find the end of your race!"

I set off at a run from this crazy old coot
B must be out there, I just need a new route.