“Today” – written and read through Walter
Today allow thoughts
to be seen, springing forth
on the sky of consciousness,
passing like clouds.
Thoughts light and dark,
all change shape and disappear,
leaving the sky without a trace

Today allow words
to arise spontaneously
from the space of
of unlimited potential.
Words ringing like bells,
pure melodic vibrations
bypassing minds and
touching hearts

Today allow actions
to originate from a place
prior to mind,
sourced from source.
Actions in service to,
and in honor of others,
collapsing the illusion
of separation

Today offer every
thought, word, action
and outcome
to existence.
Offered in gratitude
for the opportunity
to play in, with and as
the Divine

Author: Walter
See "Who Am I? (About me)" for Walter's bio.

2 thoughts on “Today

  1. It is always a joy and enlightening to hear your creations!
    Thank you 🙏❤️

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