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The gadabout

Be wary of the knock at the door!

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Beloved One

A new song written June 17th, 2021. Enjoy!

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Temporary actors…

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The Show

I am the king, I reign supreme
I am the slave, I dare not to dream

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Not named

This poem best not be named. The words are already too much said.

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I met a girl name Maya, so beautiful and kind…

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Passing Through

An open door, a bright kitchen, soothing music.

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The General

The accounts from the front were disturbing as the raw data poured in from trusted sources.

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Dear John

A new poem, “Dear John” (with a non-dual twist!)

“Dear John” letters apparently originated around WWII and were sent by a partner or spouse to notify the other they were leaving the relationship.

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For the seeker it seems this problem complex…

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